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Using Interactive Interviews to Gage Brand Connection

A major research firm used collaborative stimuli in FocalCast Unity to gut check brand sentiment and develop new ideas in national focus groups. The live virtual backroom was used to allow the client to view the groups live and the FocalCast dedicated research accounts were used to manage and store stimuli throughout the project.

Live polling and interactive annotation were used to gather response to branding and FocalSpace virtual idea boards were used to collaboratively brainstorm new ideas. At the completion of the project the client received copies of videos, poll results and idea boards to guide their national rebranding initiative.



Cloud Storage  • Collaborative Stim • Capture Recording


Mobile Respondent • Capture Recording • Virtual Backroom

Mobile Ethnography

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Virtual Urban Field Trip

Strategists used Unity to facilitate a live-streamed Ethnography session with a respondent in a city in California. The Moderator conducted the session remotely from California and other strategists and client stakeholders joined the call from Minneapolis, Chicago and New York.

The strategists viewed the conference live and were able to chat with each other and with the client using the virtual backroom without their video or presence effecting the respondent/ moderator call. The respondent was easily able to join from their Apple mobile device with the virtual research link and did not need any downloads or credentials to complete the mobile mission.

In-Home IDI's

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In-Home Data for a Pharma Client 

The client used FocalCast Unity with a respondent’s Apple mobile device to conduct an in-home IDI in different locations around the home.

They were able to collect high fidelity quantitative and qualitative data for a pharmaceutical client by conducting part

of the interview in the participant’s

bathroom and recorded video of the

answers to questions as well as the configuration and contents of their

medicine cabinet and layout of the room and capture clear insight into the product lifecycle for the client.


Mobile Respondent • Virtual Backroom • Client View

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Keeping International Projects on 'The Same Page'

A Midwest research firm used FocalCast Unity’s video archiving and collaborative whiteboards to manage progress and share the results of a European research project with other members of the team.

The live documents and video archive allowed them to quickly access video and stimuli from the groups in different time zones as they were completed so that they could keep the client up-to-date and work on the report while the field team was on off hours to move faster and keep the project on track.


Cloud Storage  • Collaborative Stim • Capture Recording

Project Management



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