Our Approach

FocalCast leverages technology from proprietary software to allow researchers to connect with participants without any type of download. 


Cost effective and efficient, FocalCast eliminates the expenses associated with platform installations and IT support, the necessity of travel, and

the logistics of setting up qualified subjects. 


Focus on what matters and leave the technology to us.

Our Story

The concept for FocalCast emerged from the difficulties of market researchers' work with online interviews and focus groups.

Current video conferencing technology is complex and clunky, or does not contain all of the capabilities required to run a professional online interview. FocalCast was created to provide the special tools and functionality needed to conduct research while removing the hassle of downloads and

technology issues for clients and participants alike.

Welcome to a new market research future.

Welcome to FocalCast.



Our Values



In building strong connections with our customers, we actively promote open dialogue and transparency to gather direct 




As our product is a collaborative tool connecting people of all different backgrounds, our company was founded upon the basis of teamwork and diversified work ethics. 



We are constantly asking questions so that we can continue to get the best outcomes and persistently innovate.

Charlie Beckwith


FocalCast your next project today:

Reach the consumer insights you need for better business decisions, and uncover the value that FocalCast can bring to you.


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