FocalCast Connect

Digital Stim. Live Responses.

Turn Focus Stimuli Into An

Interactive Experience‍‍‍

Use digital stimuli to manage your documents more easily and capture interactive feedback from respondents with live collaborative annotation.


Focus Groups

Manage the stimuli and content being presented to participants from your own tablet or notebook. Control the entire focus group session directly from your notebook or iPad.

  • Present stimuli from the documents in your account or content that the client has shared with you.

  • Swipe back-and-forth to control what slides are being shown to all of the participants in the room.

  • Watch as live annotations trace across your screen from each device.


You can view one participant at a time or see all the annotations being made together in real time.


With a shared whiteboard and annotation tools, it's easy to come up with new ideas and empower your participants to share their concepts with the group!

  • Mark up a whiteboard or document using multiple devices at the same time including tablets, touchscreens, PC's and even mobile phones.

  • Work with multiple participants at the same time from anywhere in the world.


Because FocalCast Connect is cloud-based, you have more freedom to tailor your study to your needs. 

Project Platform

With unlimited cloud storage you can create projects and upload as many documents and stimuli as you need.

  • Add images and documents directly to your personal account.

  • Create folders to organize your projects or make shared folders for clients to upload stimuli directly to you.

  • Share files and folders between team members so you can work on projects and accounts together while easily tracking revisions and keeping all of the information and data in one place. 

Like a 'Dropbox' for research, this allows teams to easily share files and stay on the same page on projects and interviews without having to send emails or make copies.

Stimuli & Content

Live Annotation


Polling & Data




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