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MyDi gives moderators a user-friendly IDI video platform to connect face-to-face with consumers for frequent exploratory and empathetic conversations. The platform comes with accessible research tools such as digital stimuli, polling, and live digital whiteboard.

Why MyDi?

Eliminate time-consuming travel and generate richer insights at your desk with MyDi’s easy-to-use tools and video platform.


Increase the speed and depth of your qualitative research with online in-depth interviews. The FocalCast MyDi platform allows you to easily connect with respondents on any device, anywhere in world with no downloads, plugins needed. Clients can also observe live and communicate with the moderator and research team using the FocalCast Virtual Backroom.

There has never been a better way to eliminate logistics and achieve deeper insights. Check out the features in detail below.



Connect with your customers and gather valuable, in-depth research results from face-to-face conversations using MyDi's live video call platform. Achieve your goals with ease with MyDi. 


Use MyDi’s digital stimuli to capture live reactions and hear feedback on your company's products and services. Take advantage of this feature to create an interactive, intimate research session right at your desk.


With digital documents in your interviews, MyDi’s editing tools allow you to highlight, zoom in, and digitally stamp documents as they are admitted live with no downloads or plugins required. 

Use Cases

Identifying consumer attitudes and towards product or services

Capturing live responses with digital stimuli 

Gathering perceptions on company brand and related experiences

Understanding customer thought-processes

Exploring issues of satisfaction for consumers, suppliers, or employees

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