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Everything you need for digital research in one place. Conduct remote Focus Groups, IDI's and Shop-alongs from anywhere in the world while inviting clients to watch from the virtual backroom and capturing video for a project highlight reel.


Focus Groups

Conduct remote focus groups with multi-way video calls from your Virtual Research Room.


With just a link, participants can join the session from their home computer or any device and be directly brought into the group. 

In Depth Interviews

FocalCast Unity is one of the best ways to conduct IDI's because of its interoperable technology.

  • Communicate with respondents easily wherever they are on their mobile phone or tablet.

  • Conduct an interactive interview around a participant's home, stores or shopping centers using  the native Unity features.


Participants can easily switch cameras on their mobile devices so that you can see directly what they are looking

at and experiencing live.

Virtual Backroom

Do your clients or other team members want to participate in the research?

  • Include an unlimited number of Observers. They can participate in research sessions via the Virtual Backroom.

Easily accessible and passcode-protected, external clients or observers will not have to download or install anything. They will be able to view the live video and chat with the moderator and each other without transmitting their audio or video into the session,

just like a digital mirror for your Virtual Research Room!

Live Video

Interactive Stim

Virtual Backroom

Storage & Data



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